10 Minute Bento

Fast and fun recipes.

10 Minute Bento

By Megumi Fujii

Translated by Maya Rosewood
Paperback, 80 full-color pages, 7 x 10 inches

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In Ten-Minute Bento, Megumi Fujii presents easy, creative and decidedly delicious bento-box meals that can be thrown together in 10 minutes or less. Inside you’ll find simple-to-prepare classic Japanese bento recipes as well as novel twists using staple ingredients that bring a fresh perspective to the never-ending quest to make healthy and exciting lunches for you and your family.


Megumi Fujii was born in August 1966 in the Tokyo suburbs of Kanagawa. A graduate of the Kagawa Nutrition University, Fujii has been a food coordinator for Japanese TV programming. She has since gone to produce meals and recipes for books, magazines, television, and special events. Throughout her extensive career on TV and in print, Ms. Fujii has compiled more than 40 cookbooks and is regarded as one of the most beloved culinary experts in Japan, with books covering everything from European desserts to organic dining to intricate Japanese holiday meals.

With Ms. Fujii is currently a regular on Nippon TV’s cooking program 3 Minute Cooking. Her website address is


“Anyone can pull together the bento recipes in Ten Minute Bento, and you don’t have to have special equipment or artistic talent. This book is all about fun, fast, delicious, and healthy.”
—Kristin Pot Pie

“You’ll start with steamed rice, then add in the main course and vegetables...For people who love Japanese food, there are lots of quick to cook recipes that will make them happy for lunch. I like making easy bento lunches for my family. It's healthier and less expensive then getting fast food. It’s also tastes better and fresher. There are so many great recipes in [Ten-Minute Bento] to add a lot of variety to lunches.”
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