Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City part 1

A stand-alone side story to the best-selling Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan: The Harsh Mistress of the City

created by Hajime Isayama

story by Ryo Kawakami

art by Range Murata

Light Novel
Paperback, approx. 200 pages, 5.5 x 7.5 inches
Part 1: 978-1-941220-62-7 Buy.
Part 2: 978-1-942993-29-2 Buy.

In this first of two parts, Wall Maria, humanity’s outermost defense, has just been breached, and Titans roam what had once been the interior. Situated along the Wall like the fallen Shiganshina District, the town of Quinta finds itself surrounded on all sides by the monstrosities and sev- ered from the rest of humankind’s last bastion.

A stand-alone side story to the mega-hit comics franchise, this novel tells of the increasingly harrowing travails of Rita Iglehaut, a Garrison soldier trapped in Quinta, and her well-to-do childhood friend Mathias Kramer, who managed to flee the district in time only to face challenges for which he seems ill-suited.

Author Ryo Kawakami is an award-winning novelist as well as a game designer of repute and a member of the Group SNE collective. Much sought-after illustrator Range Murata is also a conceptual designer for ani- mated works and video games and a figure artist.