Attack on Titan: Kuklo Unbound

The prequel to the best-selling Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan: Kuklo Unbound

created by Hajime Isayama

story by Ryo Suzukaze

art by THORES Shibamoto

Light Novel
Paperback, 300 pages, 5.5 x 7.5 inches
978-1-939130-87-7 Buy.

Swallowed and regurgitated as an infant by a Titan, an orphan seeks to find and prove himself in this official prequel novel to the smash hit comics series. A stand-alone work (whose ongoing manga adaptation is available stateside from Kodansha Comics as Attack on Titan: Before the Fall), Kuklo Unbound offers a rare window into the era preceding the de- struction of Wall Maria and features must-know bits like the rebirth of the Survey Corps and rumors of a rogue settlement beyond humanity’s cage.

“Suzukaze does an excellent job of making the Titans terrifying and bringng Isayama’s world to life as well as making us feel for Kuklo. Vertical’s edition contains both volumes of the Japanese original, which was a very good move as the story would have felt unnaturally bisected if we had to wait months between halves of it, plus it reads very quickly in terms of pacing. Fans of Attack on Titan should enjoy this glimpse into the world’s past and those new to the franchise may find this an easy way in, as the book is pulpy good fun. Kuklo Unbound gives us what the original manga does in novel form, and there really isn’t much higher praise that an adaptation can get than that.” —Anime News Network

“As a personal fan of the franchise, Suzukaze writes with an engaging style that easily reflects the tension and dispirited worldview that Hajime Isayama’s manga counterpart greatly exhibits, focusing on the harmful and savage expressions of humanity as equally as that of the monstrous Titans. While one does not have to have any familiarity with the manga or anime to enjoy the material here, Kuklo Unbound works extremely well in establishing some fantastic background that will please both fans and those new to the franchise.”—