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Swiss Rolls for Every Occasion!



Cook book
Paperback, 88 pages, 8.25 x 10.125 inches
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Nothing says a good time than a cake. So with budgets being tight, when you cannot hire a cake boss why not become your own ace of cakes by crafting a fun and stylish Deco Cake! In her English language debut Japanese Internet sensation JUNKO complies thirty-two of her most festival and stylish cake rolls for a global market.

JUNKO starts off with a well-known cake recipe for the traditional roll cake, often found in dessert shops across Eastern Europe. She then revitalizes this classic with a modern flair by going into great detail to distinguish each of the 32 cakes in this book for every special occasion. JUNKO's cakes are part crafting, as her baked on decorations are essentially simple candy-making projects, and part baking and all fun!

Included in this 88 page book are 16 design stencils to use to make patterns on your Deco Cakes. Once you master these patterns, make your own and customize your personalized cakes.

Author's Bio

Real name: Junko Kato. While working as a graphic designer, she resolved to turn her hobby, baking,into a profession and enrolled in junior college where she majored in human life and sciences witha focus on diet and nutrition. Junko is a food specialist and certified dietician. Thanks to her backgroundas a graphic designer, her specialty is creating confections that pack a powerful visual punch. Her blog,"A Little Extra Effort for Cute Cakes" which she started in 2008, receives over 10,000 hits per day.

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