Dissolving Classroom

Dissolving Classroom

By Junji Ito

Graphic Novel/Manga
Paperback, 178 pages, 5.5 x 7.5 inches

978-1-942993-85-8 Buy.
U.S.$12.95 / CAN$13.95

A pair of twisted siblings-Yuuma, a young man obsessed with the devil, and Chizumi, the worst little sister in recorded history-cause all sorts of tragic and terrifying things to happen wherever they go. These scary short stories will shock you with a literal interpretation of the ills that plague modern society.

Praise for Junji Ito:

“Ito's style tends to strip away any hint of realism. He likes to gawk at things beyond comprehension.”
The Guardian (U.K.)

“Successful horror stories scare or repulse, assaulting the audience with an arsenal of jump scares, pulsing viscera and unkillable foes. Prolific mangaka Junji Ito's work strikes much deeper.”
Paste Magazine

“Junji Ito is the only artist to have made me literally jump in fear. Ito’s work is so entrancing, so hypnotic, that turning the page to be confronted with something like this is enough to make me flinch away in fright.”
Dirge Magazine

“Ito begins with a deceptively simple idea, and then gradually and patiently takes it to its logical extreme, revealing a stark and impersonal void at the core of all things, from everyday objects around us to our very own anatomies.”
Japan Times