The Oni-Baku

At its core the Oni-Baku Shonan Street Performer gang, or Oni-Baku, is a two-teen biker team from the Shonan region of Kanagawa, Japan. The name is taken from parts of the last names of the group's founders, Danma Ryuji (the Explosive 'Baku') and Eikichi Onizuka (the Demonic 'Oni'). After leaving one of Shonan's largest gangs, the Midnight Angels, the pair settled on forming their own gang with their own set of ideals. Friends since middle school, the pair collaborate to find love, friendship and fun along the shores of Shonan. While possibly best known for being hand-picked to succeed as the third leaders of the Midnight Angels, these two teenaged tuffs are really a pair of comedians who love to ride like the wind. And what started as a pair would eventually grow to dozens and possibly even hundreds as the Oni-Baku took on all challengers across the Kanagawa region united by a friendship that would last for years.

Eikichi Onizuka

While most would recognize Onizuka as a 20-something virgin turned world's greatest teacher, his legend actually began long before reaching Tokyo. Onizuka's rise to stardom began back in high school. A member of a biker gang, or as he prefers to call it a street performing gang, he made a name for himself by never backing down from a fight and slowly uniting most of the teen gangs in the Shonan region under the Oni-Baku flag. When not striking out in the game of love, the pompadour-wearing Eikichi rides a Kawasaki Zephyr 1100 and has on more than a few occasions been seen riding across Kanagawa Prefecture on Kawasaki ZII.

Ryuji Danma

The other half of the Oni-Baku, Danma may be slightly more controlled than his partner, but is equally as explosive in a fight. Danma met Onizuka in middle school and while they didn't exactly initially meet on good terms, the two have been relying on each other as brothers in arms ever since. Unlike Onizuka, Danma does not miss when it comes to romance. In previous volumes of GTO The Early Years he was in a relationship with a former teacher at his high school, Ayumi Murakoshi. From volume 11 on, he has a live-in relationship with a troubled teen named Nagisa Nagase.

In later versions of GTO, Ryuji and Nagisa have married and run a bike shop. He consults Onizuka whenever the GTO needs a helping hand. Danma rides a Honda CBX-400F.