Season of Infidelity

Of Human Bondage

Season of Infidelity:

BDSM Tales from the Classic Master

By Oniroku Dan

Translated by Chris Violet
Paperback, 240 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
U.S.$14.95 / CAN$17.95

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This collection of four stories by Japan’s number one writer of erotic fiction, Oniroku Dan, will bring a smile to the face of even the most seasoned veteran of shock with its magisterial description of sadomasochistic bondage domination.

The steamy, loosely autobiographical stories touch upon Dan’s favorite aspect of the culture, namely humiliation, and all its attendant emotions. In the titular “Season of Infidelity” he divulges the disturbing, titillating details that led to a break-up with his wife. In “Pretty Boy,” he is forced to recall his college days when longing fomented regrettable sexual experimentation. The palatial halls of Versailles inspire a “Deer Park” of Dan’s own dreams until he is invited as a guest to a rival party that provides a superior sadism.

“Bewitching Bloom,” the final entry, nostalgically presents his real-life professional relationship with the original Queen of Pink, Naomi Tani, brightest star of Nikkatsu’s legendary Roman Porno films. Recalling the Golden Age of Japanese blue flicks, Dan introduces readers to a young Tani whose undeniable beauty and seemingly indomitable personality made her an industry touchstone and Dan’s personal muse.

Oniroku Dan Oniroku Dan was born in 1931. His first work—a literary piece entitled Oyako Donburi (Parent and Child Bowl, referring to a dish of rice with chicken and egg, but connoting sex with a mother/daughter pair) garnered him the All Yomimono Newcomer Award in 1957.
His first erotic novel—Flowers and Snakes—was written in the early 1960s, and he soon became the top writer of erotic novels in Japan. In 1969, he founded Oni Productions for which he wrote many porno movie scripts and published bondage photo collections.

Dan has published more than 120 books, and his works have been adapted into more than 50 movies. From this book, “Season of Infidelity” was cinematized in 2000, and “Pretty Boy” is currently being shot by cult-favorite Taskashi Miike.