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The Definitive Guide to The Ring, The Grudge and Beyond

By David Kalat

Film / Reference
Paperback, 320 pages, 5.5 x 8.5 inches
978-1-932234-08-4 / 1-932234-08-4
U.S.$14.95 / CAN$19.95

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Through franchises such as The Ring and The Grudge, Japanese horror films over the past decade or so have exerted a singular influence on the horror genre and on the film industry as a whole. But navigating the numerous versions released in the U.S. and Japan of these and other films, and figuring out which to watch next, can be quite difficult. Enter J-Horror, which is at once a history of and a reference guide to the genre. Comprehensive in scope and filled with a wealth of factual detail and acute insight, J-Horror will make you an instant expert in one of the hottest trends in recent film history.

David KalatDavid Kalat is the author of indispensable books on film and television history, including The Strange Case of Dr. Mabue, Homicide: Life on the Streets: The Unofficial Companion and A Critical History and Filmography of Toho’s Godzilla Series. He regularly writes for Scarlet Street and Filmfax and is the president of the oldest independent DVD label in the industry, All Day Entertainment.

“Thanks to Kalat, I know that I’ll be haunting the video store, clutching my already crumpled, scribbled list.”

“Kalat doesn’t pander to fanboys here; he looks at the phenomenon of Japanese-style horror movies in an objective light. Highly recommended.”
Popculture Shock

“Kalat’s prose is a pleasure to read. A very detailed and balanced account warmly recommended to all film fans.”
Japan Navigator

“A very rich and thorough treatment of the history, details, trends and people behind exemplar films of this genre. I can in fact wholly recommend this book to anyone even slightly interested.”