The Ring Trilogy

The latest edition of the RING series

S (Es)

by Koji Suzuki

Hardcover, approx 240 pages, 5.5 x 8.25 inches
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The latest edition of the RING series is set years after the original Sadako story. Now in a modern age of computers and the internet, the Sadako virus is revitilized and is potentially even more dangerous. Combining classic Japanese horror and modern themes, S is Koji Suzuki's powerful return to the J-Horror field!

28-year-old image processing specialist Takanori Ando being handed a USB memory stick by the president of the CG production company where he works. Tasked with analyzing its contents, Ando gasps at the graphic images he sees, and quickly concludes that they cannot have been faked or generated by CG software. Assuming the man in the video did indeed kill himself, what could his purpose have been in leaving this footage behind?

Ando saves the file to his PC. When he plays it again the next day, the man's body has shifted to a lower position, and in subsequent viewings, the video undergoes further changes.

"Aptly billed as the Japanese Stephen King.”—Publishers Weekly  

"(Suzuki’s) stories have a unique, alchemical quality to them and he has demonstrated a miraculous power for transmuting the very common into the very frightening.”—Rue Morgue