Summer Wars

Summer Wars

Adapted by: Igura Sugimoto

Created by: Mamoru Hosoda

Science Fiction
Paperback, approx. 354 pages, 5 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches
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vol. 2 978-1-939130-16-7 Buy.
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Kenji Koiso is a high school student with a crush on a kendo club beauty, Natsuki Shinohara, and a knack for mathematics. His aptitude with numbers earns him a part-time working maintenance on the global virtual reality world, OZ.

One day, right before summer vacation, Natsuki asks Kenji to do her a favor -accompany her to her great-grandmother's 90th birthday celebration deep in the Japanese countryside. As Kenji tries to find his footing amongst the boisterous and tightly-knit Jinnouchi clan, receives a mysterious email with a long code and the message: "Solve me." Little does Kenji know what solving that code could lead to...

Based on the award-winning and top-selling animated film by Mamoru Hosoda!

Praise for the Animation:

"Summer Wars is awesome in its detailed depiction of Oz, which floats in space with an array of satellites, and earthly cityscapes visited by calamities… A superb example of Japanese anime, balancing science fiction fantasy with a paean to the timeless value of family life. A sophisticated yet poignant family entertainment with an appeal beyond Japanese animation buffs."—The Los Angeles Times

"Thematic ambition and dazzling visual style ultimately make it one of the more rewarding anime efforts to reach these shores (United States.)"—Hollywood Reporter