Witchcraft Works

Just a Schoolboy Princess and his Witch Guardian

Witchcraft Works

By Ryu Mizunagi

Graphic Novel/Manga
Paperback, approx. 200 pages, 5 x 7 inches

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There is something unusual about the Tougetsu Academy. While on the surface it may seem like just another private Japanese high school; hidden amongst its student body, though, are a few youngsters with some unique abilities. One of them is Honoka Takamiya. He may not know it yet, but inside him lurks something very powerful. And it is the job of the school’s idol, Ayaka Kagari, to protect Takamiya from anyone, or anything, wishing to capitalize on his innate abilities.

Dare to harm her “Princess”, and watch out— you’ll get burned!

"With a title like this, where catgirls are throwing around evil bunnies and our heroine decided to get intel by tying everyone to a stake and torturing them, a sense of humor is essential to not have it tip over into self-parody, and this strikes just the right note.”
A Case Suitable For Treatment

"Works is well-constructed to take advantage of the humor in all of it. Some of that comes out of the story’s role reversal: a hapless male protected by a powerful if emotionally distant female, instead of vice versa.”

"The art continues to awe me with its extraordinary detail and original design.”
Fandom Post

"Witchcraft Works is a fascinating, humorous and fun manga series... If you are looking for a fun, sci-fi, action-packed series, definitely give [it] a try!”

"Ryu Mizunagi’s clearly created quite a complex world for the series, with organizations, deep lore and more... Her detailed character designs and backgrounds provide ample eye candy.”
Sequential Ink

"Witchcraft Works has proven to be a pretty funny reverse take on the whole damsel in distress trope...With so much going on, it’s easy to find yourself enthralled by the action this time around.”
Bento Byte

"When I review Witchcraft Works, I don’t usually talk about it enough, but the art in the series is phenomenal and it’s really on display.”
—Adam Capps, Bento Byte