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The twenty-five million bestselling Japanese heroic fantasy goes manga!

After awaking in a forest with a leopard mask attached to his head and no memory of
his past, the peerless warrior Guin survives the treacherous wilds of Nospherus
and the mean intrigues of the Middle Country.
Now, as King of Cheironia, he must contend with dark forces that dare to prey on his realm. In this three-volume series, King Guin must battle a plague made manifest and
controlled by hostile magic. But even if our mighty hero vanquishes the Black Plague,
how will he ever defeat the combined forces of powerful magi?

The Guin Saga Manga:The Seven Magi
Illustrated by Kazuaki Yanagisawa
Story by Kaoru Kurimoto
Manga/Sci-Fi Fantasy, Trade Paperback, 6 x 8 inches

Volume 1
Available Now
ISBN: 978-1-932234-80-0
172 pages, $12.95/$17.95

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Volume 2
Available Now
ISBN: 978-1-934287-07-1
176 pages, $12.95/$14.95
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Volume 3
Available Now
ISBN: 978-1-934287-08-8
192 pages, $12.95/$14.95
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